Keep Your Customers From Going To Your Competition

You’re here because you like to keep more of your customers for your business, and you would like your customers to come back more often! In a moment I’m going to share with you a program that I’ve developed based on the past 25 years of helping my clients improve their customer retention and stay ahead of their competition. But before you go any further let me ask you, are you a savvy business person? Do you like doing the smart thing? Can you make decisions quickly? If you answered yes to these questions, then read on. If not…STOP READING!  


You’re wasting your time!  

If you're a smart business owner, you’re still here! Great!  

As a smart business owner you understand the need for expert advice in all important matters of business, and keeping customers may be the most important. You’re ready to schedule a Free consultation on how you can get your past customers to do business with you again and again. 

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Here's an interesting fact: The average American business loses 10-25% of its customers every year. Market research has found that 15% of those leave because of new/better products being launched and another 15% leave because of getting cheaper products in the market. Up to about 20% leave the business because they are undergoing a Lifestyle Change (unemployed, divorced, or other personal changes) or move. The rest, more than 50% of customers are lost because of your LACK of attention!

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How many customers are you losing? And how much money are you losing because your customers are not returning to do business with you?

“An Increase in Customer Retention of 5% will yield an increase in profits of 25-125%.” - Frederick Reichheld - New York Times best-selling author, speaker and business strategist best known for his research and writing on the loyalty business model and loyalty marketing.

Imagine what would happen to your business and your lifestyle if you could increase profits by 25-125% a year.

What would your life look like? What would you be able to do with that extra profit? 

Want to know how to make that a reality? If you’ve gotten this far I know you do! During my 20 plus years in business I found what worked and did not work when it came to getting past customers to come back and then keeping them and current customers from leaving to go to the completion. I put what I leaned into a formula that when used properly will turn your past customers into current ones so that they buy from you again.

Briefly it works this way: A special retention letter is sent out to your best past customers, then it is followed it up with a number of post cards and emails and at least one personal phone call to get them to do business with you again. By doing this properly, you will get customers to come back.  

Now you know what to do to get your customers back. You now have the information on how you can get your past customers back. Some of you will go for it. I wish you the best of luck. 

As the smart business owner that you are, you know that your time can be better spent doing other things than writing and designing letters, post cards, and emails especial while doing everything else you have to do. But you still want your customers back! 

I can help you get your customers back. 

I am offering you the “Past Customer Recovery Program” which at the Essential Level includes the following:

Your Initial Assessment. This special diagnostic examination will ascertain your business’ current condition. • Detoxifying your customer list so you can accurately use and make money from it. Find out who’s moved and identify and remove duplicates and bad addresses. • Specially designed easy-to-use fill in templates of the marketing material you will need to recover your past customers. This includes recovery letter, follow-up emails, post cards and a telephone script. You will also receive: • Email Marketing Calendar, which includes the best days/dates and times to send out emails. • Special, powerful, easy to use, proprietary diagnostic tools. These tools will increase your profits and reduce your costs. • Quick answers to your questions with two emergency 911 calls. (total $1,750 value)  

You will also get 2 months free of our “Customer Retention Routine” that will help you keep your current customers yours.

The Customer Retention Routine each month includes easy, ready to use templates of • Full-color Jumbo post card • 4 emails • 5 Facebook posts • 2-page newsletter for you to send out to stay in touch with your customers. ($700 per month value)

Your Customer Retention Routine also includes Marketing Vitamin Pak a monthly program of:

  • a resource file that you can change up and use for your business to increase sales, 
  • a live question and answer session so you can get your marketing and advertising questions answered, 
  • a printed newsletter which will keep you up to date and can be used for reference and 
  • a downloadable audio interview with a leading expert in a different area of business to help you and your business. 

(Value of your Customer Retention Routine is $1,550) 

All this is valued at $3,300.00 and is worth quite a bit more, considering that “An Increase in Customer Retention of 5% will yield an increase in profits of 25-125%.”  

As I was going over all the items to make this successful for you, I wanted to make it even more beneficial to you, by adding the following  


 Access to The Massive Money Marker CRM (M3) that lets you manage your customer list so you can send out emails, integrate with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and access your Google Calendar, all from one program. M3 has a built-in auto responder and can develop and publish landing pages. This bonus will cover up to 1,000 records. ($300.00 value)


 “Quick Start to Kick Start Your Business Growth” 3 one-on-one weekly meetings. During these meetings we will review what your goals and plans are, how you are doing so far and what road blocks might be in your way to achieve your goals. Then we will also review who and where your target market is, what makes you different in the minds of your customers, and then review and develop your marketing materials, plan, timetable and budget. You will also receive practical recommendations as to how you can make the most of the prescription you have. ($1,000 value) 

Total value is now $4,600 for only $3,300 and a bargain!  


Much Better Results… 

Phil’s Quick Start to Kick Start Your Business Growth program has really helped grow my business. Before meeting with Phil, I realized I was spending way too much time and money taking the “throwing the seeds everywhere to see what takes root” approach instead of defining exactly who my target market was. Phil took me through his program to identify my target market so I now spend my marketing dollars in a more efficient manner and see much better results. Every business owner needs to know who his or her market really is and Phil can help identify it quickly and easily. Thanks, Phil! – Sandy de Lara , Tutor Doctor 

35% Increase in Business…

When they ask me how I increased my business so much, I’ll have to tell them with the help of My Marketing Cure. Without your help I would not have had a 35% increase in business. – R. Warren Gale, Jr., Positive Reflexions  

As the smart business owner that you are, you know that with every great offer there is a great guarantee. You are correct. I am willing to put my 20-plus year reputation of helping businesses on the line, because I really believe that the Past Customer Recovery Program will help you bring back past customers and help you retain current customers. I want you to take advantage of all that I am willing to do for you and to make this absolutely risk free to you guarantee. I’m offering you a;

120-Day "100% Money-Back" Guarantee

If during that time I have not done everything I said I would do, then I’ll refund your total investment. No hard feelings. No hassles. No risk. You keep everything we have done. With this guarantee, you have nothing to lose.  

Philip M. Freedman

You have no reason not to take advantage of this great offer! 

Now to make this as easy, simple and impossible to say no to, instead of the $3,300.00 you can have it all for 3 easy credit card payments of $279. A saving of over $2,400.00! CLick here to get started


When your time is precious and every minute counts you need to Upgrade to the ENHANCED Level. At this level We Do It For You.  

We will design the letter, postcards and emails of the Past Customer Recovery program and send them (postage include) out to your top 500 past customers for you.

 We will also design, print and mail (postage included) the Jumbo Full Color Post Card and the Newsletter, send out the email and handle the Facebook post as part of the Customer Retention Routine. 

As an additional ENHANCED Level special we will provide you with a Local Listing Service which maintains your information with 40 local listing sites including Google!

The total package value is $8,000, which Includes The Postage!

But for you, 3 easy credit card payments of $867. You save over $5,000!  

Be one of the few willing to take your business to a HIGHER LEVEL

Are you one of the few who want the very best, to stand above your competition and take your business to a higher level? 

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Remember “An Increase in Customer Retention of 5% will yield an increase in profits of 25-125%.” You owe it to yourself and your business to Act Now!


Yes... Yes... Emphatically YES! 

I can't wait to take advantage of your amazing 120 Day Trial so I can start getting my past customers back. I now realize that the key to my success is having a workable program that will bring me an increase in my customer retention like you have outlined.  

All I pay now is one payment of either $279 or $867 depending on which level I picked and then all I pay is two installments - one 30 days from today, and one 60 days from today - and you are going to rush me your now famous Past Customer Recovery Program Implementation Kit that I can try with No-Risk for 120 Days (That's almost half off what you normally sell the program alone for, but you are also including a whole list of valuable BONUSES that I gotta have)  

And… because I'm responding now, I also get a 2 month membership in your "Customer Retention Routine” (the next full calendar month and the month after) where I'll be able to get your ongoing help and support. Should I choose to continue my Customer Retention Routine membership, I'll be billed the rate of just $279 or $867 depending on the level I choose a month (starting on the 1st of the third full calendar month from now), and of course I can cancel anytime. Since you're willing to pay me if I fail, and this is a completely risk-free offer for me... I'm taking action now!  

I further understand that I can’t lose because I’m fully protected by your 120-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. As was clearly promised, I can keep them for a full 120 days, Use everything, participate on the Q&A calls, and if I honestly don’t get any customer back as a direct result, I can ship everything back and quickly receive a full 100% refund of what I paid for the Past Customer Recovery Program.

NOTE: If I chose the to just receive the Monthly Marketing Vitamin Pak (Basic) I will be charged $39.79 per month starting today and will be charge each month, and of course I can cancel anytime. 


I shudder when I think of the thousands of dollars we wasted by not integrating our marketing.

You showed us how to put all the pieces together so we get the most leverage out of everything we do. Now when we spend a marketing dollar we know the effect will be compounded and lasting. I only wish we'd had someone like you years ago!

Sandler Sales Intitute of Dallas

Philip Freedman Your Doctor of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Enhancement 

P.S. Remember, You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and we have a NO HASSLE 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

P.P.S. 2019 will soon be upon us! Get your customers back Now, before it’s too late. Order Now!